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EncryptionAlgorithm Enumeration

Encryption algorithms supported by S/MIME and OpenPGP.

Namespace: MimeKit.Cryptography
Assembly: MimeKit (in MimeKit.dll) Version: 4.3.0
public enum EncryptionAlgorithm
Member nameValueDescription
Aes1280 The AES 128-bit encryption algorithm.
Aes1921 The AES 192-bit encryption algorithm.
Aes2562 The AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.
Camellia1283 The Camellia 128-bit encryption algorithm.
Camellia1924 The Camellia 192-bit encryption algorithm.
Camellia2565 The Camellia 256-bit encryption algorithm.
Cast56 The Cast-5 128-bit encryption algorithm.
Des7 The DES 56-bit encryption algorithm.
TripleDes8 The Triple-DES encryption algorithm.
Idea9 The IDEA 128-bit encryption algorithm.
Blowfish10 The Blowfish encryption algorithm.
Twofish11 The Twofish encryption algorithm.
RC24012 The RC2 40-bit encryption algorithm (S/MIME only).
RC26413 The RC2 64-bit encryption algorithm (S/MIME only).
RC212814 The RC2 128-bit encryption algorithm (S/MIME only).
Seed15 The SEED 128-bit encryption algorithm (S/MIME only).

Represents the available encryption algorithms for use with S/MIME and OpenPGP.

RC-2/40 was required by all S/MIME v2 implementations. However, since the mid-to-late 1990's, RC-2/40 has been considered to be extremely weak and starting with S/MIME v3.0 (published in 1999), all S/MIME implementations are required to implement support for Triple-DES (aka 3DES) and should no longer encrypt using RC-2/40 unless explicitly requested to do so by the user.

These days, most S/MIME implementations support the AES-128 and AES-256 algorithms which are the recommended algorithms specified in S/MIME v3.2 and should be preferred over the use of Triple-DES unless the client capabilities of one or more of the recipients is unknown (or only supports Triple-DES).

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