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MimeKit.Tnef Namespace

The MimeKit.Tnef namespace provides classes that are used for dealing with Microsoft TNEF attachments.
Public classRtfCompressedToRtf
A filter to decompress a compressed RTF stream.
Public classTnefException
A TNEF exception.
Public classTnefPart
A MIME part containing Microsoft TNEF data.
Public classTnefPropertyReader
A TNEF property reader.
Public classTnefReader
A TNEF reader.
Public structureTnefNameId
A TNEF name identifier.
Public structureTnefPropertyTag
A TNEF property tag.
Public enumerationRtfCompressionMode
A RTF compression mode.
Public enumerationTnefAttachFlags
The TNEF attach flags.
Public enumerationTnefAttachMethod
The TNEF attach method.
Public enumerationTnefAttributeLevel
A TNEF attribute level.
Public enumerationTnefAttributeTag
A TNEF attribute tag.
Public enumerationTnefComplianceMode
A TNEF compliance mode.
Public enumerationTnefComplianceStatus
A bitfield of potential TNEF compliance issues.
Public enumerationTnefNameIdKind
The kind of TNEF name identifier.
Public enumerationTnefPropertyId
A TNEF property identifier.
Public enumerationTnefPropertyType
The type of value that a TNEF property contains.