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MimeKit.Text Namespace

The MimeKit.Text namespace provides classes that are used for converting between various text formats.
Public classCode exampleFlowedToHtml
A flowed text to HTML converter.
Public classFlowedToText
A flowed text to text converter.
Public classCode exampleHtmlAttribute
An HTML attribute.
Public classHtmlAttributeCollection
A readonly collection of HTML attributes.
Public classHtmlAttributeIdExtensions
HtmlAttributeId extension methods.
Public classHtmlCDataToken
An HTML token constisting of [CDATA[.
Public classHtmlCommentToken
An HTML comment token.
Public classHtmlDataToken
An HTML token constisting of character data.
Public classHtmlDocTypeToken
Public classHtmlEntityDecoder
An HTML entity decoder.
Public classHtmlScriptDataToken
An HTML token constisting of script data.
Public classCode exampleHtmlTagContext
An HTML tag context.
Public classHtmlTagIdExtensions
HtmlTagId extension methods.
Public classHtmlTagToken
An HTML tag token.
Public classHtmlTextPreviewer
A text previewer for HTML content.
Public classCode exampleHtmlToHtml
An HTML to HTML converter.
Public classHtmlToken
An abstract HTML token class.
Public classHtmlTokenizer
An HTML tokenizer.
Public classHtmlUtils
A collection of HTML-related utility methods.
Public classCode exampleHtmlWriter
An HTML writer.
Public classPlainTextPreviewer
A text previewer for plain text.
Public classCode exampleTextConverter
An abstract class for converting text from one format to another.
Public classTextPreviewer
An abstract class for generating a text preview of a message.
Public classTextToFlowed
A text to flowed text converter.
Public classCode exampleTextToHtml
A text to HTML converter.
Public classTextToText
A text to text converter.
Public delegateCode exampleHtmlTagCallback
An HTML tag callback delegate.
Public enumerationHeaderFooterFormat
An enumeration of possible header and footer formats.
Public enumerationHtmlAttributeId
HTML attribute identifiers.
Public enumerationHtmlNamespace
An HTML namespace.
Public enumerationCode exampleHtmlTagId
HTML tag identifiers.
Public enumerationHtmlTokenizerState
The HTML tokenizer state.
Public enumerationHtmlTokenKind
The kinds of tokens that the HtmlTokenizer can emit.
Public enumerationHtmlWriterState
An enumeration of possible states of a HtmlWriter.
Public enumerationTextFormat
An enumeration of text formats.