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MimeKit Namespace

The MimeKit namespace provides classes that are used to implement the core MIME parsing services of the framework.
Public classCode exampleAttachmentCollection
A collection of attachments.
Public classCode exampleBodyBuilder
A message body builder.
Public classContentDisposition
A class representing a Content-Disposition header value.
Public classContentType
A class representing a Content-Type header value.
Public classDomainList
A domain list.
Public classExperimentalMimeParser
An experimental replacement for MimeParser.
Public classFormatOptions
Format options for serializing various MimeKit objects.
Public classGroupAddress
An address group, as specified by rfc0822.
Public classHeader
A class representing a Message or MIME header.
Public classHeaderIdExtensions
HeaderId extension methods.
Public classHeaderList
A list of Headers.
Public classHeaderListCollection
A collection of HeaderList groups.
Public classInternetAddress
An abstract internet address, as specified by rfc0822.
Public classInternetAddressList
A list of email addresses.
Public classMailboxAddress
A mailbox address, as specified by rfc822.
Public classCode exampleMessageDeliveryStatus
A message delivery status MIME part.
Public classMessageDispositionNotification
A message disposition notification MIME part.
Public classMessageIdList
A list of Message-Ids.
Public classMessagePart
A MIME part containing a MimeMessage as its content.
Public classMessagePartial
A MIME part containing a partial message as its content.
Public classCode exampleMimeContent
Encapsulates a content stream used by MimePart.
Public classMimeEntity
An abstract MIME entity.
Public classMimeEntityBeginEventArgs
Event args emitted by the MimeParser when it begins parsing a MimeEntity.
Public classMimeEntityConstructorArgs
MIME entity constructor arguments.
Public classMimeEntityEndEventArgs
Event args emitted by the MimeParser when a MimeEntity is parsed.
Public classCode exampleMimeIterator
An iterator for a MIME tree structure.
Public classMimeMessage
A MIME message.
Public classMimeMessageBeginEventArgs
Event args emitted by the MimeParser when it begins parsing a MimeMessage.
Public classMimeMessageEndEventArgs
Event args emitted by the MimeParser when a MimeMessage is parsed.
Public classMimeParser
A MIME message and entity parser.
Public classCode exampleMimePart
A leaf-node MIME part that contains content such as the message body text or an attachment.
Public classMimeReader
A MIME message and entity reader.
Public classMimeTypes
A mapping of file name extensions to the corresponding MIME-type.
Public classCode exampleMimeVisitor
Represents a visitor for MIME trees.
Public classMultipart
A multipart MIME entity which may contain a collection of MIME entities.
Public classMultipartAlternative
A multipart/alternative MIME entity.
Public classCode exampleMultipartRelated
A multipart/related MIME entity.
Public classCode exampleMultipartReport
A multipart/report MIME entity.
Public classParameter
A header parameter as found in the Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers.
Public classParameterList
A list of parameters, as found in the Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers.
Public classParseException
A Parse exception as thrown by the various Parse methods in MimeKit.
Public classParserOptions
Parser options as used by MimeParser as well as various Parse and TryParse methods in MimeKit.
Public classCode exampleTextPart
A Textual MIME part.
Public classTextRfc822Headers
A MIME part containing message headers as its content.
Public interfaceCode exampleIMimeContent
An interface for content stream encapsulation as used by MimePart.
Public enumerationContentEncoding
An enumeration of all supported content transfer encodings.
Public enumerationEncodingConstraint
A content encoding constraint.
Public enumerationHeaderId
An enumeration of common header fields.
Public enumerationHeaderListChangedAction
Header list changed action.
Public enumerationMessageImportance
An enumeration of message importance values.
Public enumerationMessagePriority
An enumeration of message priority values.
Public enumerationMimeFormat
The format of the MIME stream.
Public enumerationNewLineFormat
A New-Line format.
Public enumerationCode exampleParameterEncodingMethod
The method to use for encoding Content-Type and Content-Disposition parameter values.
Public enumerationRfcComplianceMode
An RFC compliance mode.
Public enumerationXMessagePriority
An enumeration of X-Priority header values.